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Eisvogel Spa

Being a host is our passion - especially in the EISVOGEL SPA

Here, the SPA concept is consistently implemented: a successful combination of lifestyle and tradition, with Bavarian hops wellness and spacious relaxation areas - something very special.

The new EISVOGEL is a loafers hotel. It does not matter if you only enjoy a weekend or a few days of vacation - we give you leisure. By that we mean more than peace, namely the feeling of being able to determine one's own time - walking instead of running, lingering and looking instead of rushing.

The EISVOGEL is a relaxing Spa Resort. Whether you want to enjoy a weekend or a few days vacation – we’ll provide precisely what you need. We are offering more that just a break and peace: enjoy the liberty to decide for yourself how to spend your time – pampering, walking, lingering awhile or looking around in beautyful nature instead of rushing. The six pillars of the EISVOGEL concept are: Health • Enjoyment • Balance • Relaxation • Activity • Comfort

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You can redeem medical prescriptions for body massage, lymph drainage and fango packs at the EISVOGEL SPA. We will handle directly with your health insurance fund. Open bath treatments are also possible including sulphur baths and mud baths.

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